1SELF Motorcycle Leather Suits

1SELF was born to provide high quality yet affordable motorcycle leather suits for racers and track day enthusiasts. We are constantly improving our motorcycle suits to increase comfort and protection.

Motorcycle suits needs to fit well! 'Off the rack' race leathers are designed to fit a wide range of body types. For this reason, they fit very few riders perfectly. This is why we have created '1SELF Custom Label'. We can build you a truly custom motorcycle suit. Incorporate custom designs/colors and add your own logos. Contact us to discuss what you have in mind and we will make it reality.

Our small team is here to provide assistance and service so do get in touch with us! We are all passionate and experienced riders.


Motorcycle race suits are one of the most important safety items that a rider will use. To function correctly, they need to fit well. Not every body is the same size and shape so finding the best fit is not always possible! This is why we have created our 'Custom Label' service. We can build a suit that is designed to your specs. Click below to find out more!

  • David A.

    Great value. Excellent quality for the price! Came off at Broadford in these leathers and they definitely did what they should :)

  • Chester M.

    So happy with my custom fit suit. My build is stocky and I have quite short legs. Standard suits just didn't fit because they were always too long. The new suit took a while (12 weeks) but was well worth the wait!

  • Veronica P.

    Had my women's GS-2 leather suit for about a year now. Did 3 track days so far and have been very satisfied. Not many options for us ladies but this one is defintely worth it. Service was top notch also. Even helped me determine my size.